​Materials, trimmings, fastenings and other finishings

Please let me know if you would like an item made in a specific colour or material. I can help you pick material which will meet your requirements.

I can also:

  • add different trimmings;
  • use different types of fastenings;
  • add embroidery to items;
  • finish the item in different ways.

Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.


I will make every effort to match your choice of materials, fasteners etc. But please understand that this is not always possible.

Some materials are unsuitable for making into durable and comfortable garments. I will advise you if I cannot recommend a material or fastener etc for a garment.

Also some materials and fasteners etc are difficult to obtain and / or more expensive than normal. If this is the case I will advise you that the price will need adjusting to account for this.

I am happy to use materials, fasteners etc that you supply to me. But again, I may advise you if they are unsuitable for the item in question.


My handmade items are crafted with love and care. I make every item individually and need a little time to do this.

Posted items are usually tracked to ensure safe delivery. I can use DHL if you prefer but this will cost more.

When estimating delivery times, please be aware that I am based in the UK.

I'm looking for something special

- can you help me?

I can make one-off or customised items of clothing to your specifications. To do this I need photos or pictures of what you would like, details of materials and colours etc and relevant measurements.


I do not make off the peg sizes of clothes. I make bespoke items to fit you using your individual measurements.

Here's a picture showing some of the measurements I commonly use. Occasionally I need other measurements as well.

Handmade items

Bespoke clothing